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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14 April 2017 Written Update Today Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14 April 2017 Written Update. Seeta strolls towards car to bring pooja things. Ricky strolls behind her and locations her as gawar/uncultured darling. She inquires as to whether he called her. He says and demonstrates her rose and says this for her, she is looking more delightful than this bloom. This bloom smells exceptionally lovely. Seeta smells blossom and falls. Ricky holds chloroform jug and grins. Urmila says they ought to begin pooja. Kokila asks where are Seeta and Ramakanth.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14 April 2017 Written Update Today Episode

Ricky smiles that Seeeta got into his trap so effectively. Seeta’s ex Ramesh hits his head with a bar from behind and he crumples. Ramesh thinks back coming to sanctuary to supplicate god and seeing Seeta there. He calls his goons, lifts Seeta and leaves in his jeep. Ricky gets up and yells hello you. Jai and Veeru see Ramesh conveying Seeta and envision him as Ravan. They yell Ravan hijacked Seeta.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14 April 2017 Written Update

Divya and Vidya see Seeta sitting on swinger and smile. Bhavani takes vow to uncover their arrangement, else she will change her name. Vidya says then she ought to choose a name for her.

Ricky gets up holding his head and tries to begin auto, however it doesn’t. He tries to take lift, yet futile. He sees Jai and Veeru with their skating board and requests that they get it down soon. They give him skating board. He rides skating board speedier than 2 and 4 wheelers. Gopi and Kokila begin maha aarti. Bhajan begin out of sight. Ricky then tosses rope to a passing auto and moves quick.

Divya includes wheat flour in thali when Bhavani comes and blends something in flour. Divya asks what is it. Bhavani says glass pieces and when Vidya will manipulate batter, her hands will be harmed. Divya gets strained. Bhavani says she ought to attempt to shield her actual character or spare Vidya. Gaaura accompanies Vidya and says they will get ready poori, and so forth.

Gopi and family proceed with their pooja. Jai and Veeru advise that Ravan uncle abducted Seeta didi. Sona says they are simply envisioning Gopi’s recounted story. They say they are not lying, they saw ravan uncle capturing Seeta didi and Ricky Ticky uncle surging behind them on skate board. Jaggi with Gopi races to auto and sees its battery terminals broken. He discovers cycle rickshaw close-by and rides it with Gopi a pillion.

Ricky takes after Ramesh’s jeep tossing rope on different vehicles and speeding quick. He picks cleaver from a bystander. Ramesh sees him and tosses things and Ricky escapes and keeps taking after. Seeta awakens and yells to release her home and calls Ricky ji.

Precap: Ramesh tries to stab Ramakanth when Seeta throws chilli powder on him and his goons and runs with Ramakanth. Gopi with Jaggi reaches spot and says looks like a fight has happened here and finds Seeta’s anklet. Seeta jumps and tries to pick mango from tree. Ramakanth lifts and helps her.

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